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Certified Environmental Management (CEM) Certification


Certified Environmental Management (CEM) is designed for Housekeeping Managers of all levels or individuals with an objective to become a Supervisor in the cleaning industry. CEM is recognized by Canada’s leading Environmental Services Association – the Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM) and will provide individuals with the skills required to lead their housekeeping team.  CEM will help managers understand the important requirements of their frontline staff.

Course Modules:
– Fundamentals of Housekeeping
– Adaptive Leadership
– Workplace Safety
– Infection Prevention
– Cleaning Tools, Equipment and Products
– Cleaning Tasks
– Cleaning and Disinfection Practices
– Waste Management
– Environmental Sustainability
– Cleaning Audits
– Pest Control
– Ergonomics


  • Be recognized as a leader in the field of Environmental Service Management
  • Have the knowledge required to assist your housekeeping team on safe and healthy cleaning practices
  • Understand the chain of transmission and how to support your cleaning team during outbreaks of infections
  • Understand the importance of best practice cleaning and disinfection
  • Be aware of best practice guidelines and standards related to the cleaning industry
  • Receive a one-year free introductory membership within the Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM)

Related Courses

This course will introduce you to the basic ergonomic principles of musculoskeletal injury prevention as they relate to environmental cleaning. Learn how to protect your most valuable cleaning program asset – you and your staff. In this course you will learn about:
  • Review the objectives and the definitions of ergonomics
  • Basic anatomy and how we can systematically clean while protecting ourselves from potential musculoskeletal disorders
  • Be aware of symptoms and signs of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Identify factors of ergonomic risk related to posture, force, and repetition
  • Identify secondary ergonomic risk factors


This course will assist you with understanding the general principles of Pest Control and provide you with information on how to control unwanted pests within your workplace. In this course you will learn about:
  • Understand why pest control management is important
  • Have basic knowledge of commonly encountered pests that inhabit facilities
  • Know the habits and habitats of common pests that invade our buildings
  • Know how to monitor and detect pests
  • Apply the principles of Integrated Pest Management to effectively help manage pests that find their way into your facility
  • Understand the role of your pest control provider and how best to co-operate with them to effectively manage pests in your facilities


Auditing is a follow-up to the good work housekeepers accomplish. In this course you will learn about audit processes to help ensure staff use tools and supplies according to manufacturer's instructions and that they follow best practice cleaning standards as taught.  In this course you will learn about:
  • Key reasons a cleaning audit programs is vital to properly manage your facility
  • Purpose and function of audits
  • Essential components of a successful cleaning audit program
  • Types of cleaning audits
  • Ways to assess that cleaning was completed effectively
  • Tools available for auditing


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